Palms Up (#palmsup)


Making Room For God

#palmsupWhy is saying “Yes” to God so difficult for me?

Fear, doubt and insecurities have plagued me the last several months.  I have somehow left a small hole open that leads to my heart and doubting thoughts have clogged the pathway to my soul.  I can see what God wants me to do, but the doubts overtake me.  “You are unworthy.  Someone else could do it better.  No one wants to read or hear anything from you.  You don’t have time to do this.”  Oh, the thoughts that have hindered me from spreading God’s Word.

As I spend daily time with God, he reminds me that I need to keep my #palmsup.  Open up my hands and expose my palms so that I can receive Him and push away those fears and doubts that I have allowed to seep into my soul.

John 20:27    Then he said to Thomas, Put…

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