WOMEN AND THE ISSUES OF CHANGING NAMES IN MARRIAGE: Does this truly give them a true identity of who they are?

Marriage and Me

Marriage and Me

The issue of changing family names for a woman in marriage has often become an issue. Some women argue that it completely wipes out their true identity as nothing about their own family names (father) is remembered anymore. Instead they are forced by marriage to bear their husbands family name which in turn deny them of their true identity as people refuse to recognise which family they truly come from.
” I really have a problem with
women having to change their names for marriage. Suddenly they are no longer attached to their own “tribe” and have to create a new identity with a foreign name. It forces women to
erase their whole past when they marry and start over with their husband’s name as though they
were always a part of that family. My current name is Nwachukwu and I’ve had people try to establish what “Nwachukwun” I’m from and when I tell them that women tend to “collect” names, they are offended. I was offended that they didn’t ask
my maiden name to know who I really am- says Sandra.

And the question I ask now to the woman folk is: have this affected you more as an individual? And if you will have way, do you think there is need for a change corning this?

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