SEN. CHRIS N.D ANYANWU; Restoring the lost HOPE and GLORY of IMO STATE

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Can this be said of Imo at this present time?

I was jealous when a friend wrote this about his state.

‘Wow Akwa Ibom state at 27 with good roads, tropicana, resorts, international airport, suspended bridge, flyovers, international stadium, good assess roads, anniversary hospital, seaport, free/compulsory education, free health
care. Akwa Ibom has knwn relative peace in the past years, no case of ebola was recorded in akwa ibom. No Governor has ever died in service,
killing and kidnapping no longer heard of.
Thank you for making my state of origin safe for me cos I go there once in a while, my relatives & friends that live there, my relatives and friends
that passes through there by land, air or water.

After reading this, then I asked myself when are we going to start thanking God on behalf our state…

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