Force Marriage and The Slavery of The girl child… 21st century slave trade.

What is happening to our world?
Stupid Uncles with idiotic brains.

Girl, 14, intercepted at Sydney
airport en route to Lebanon for
arranged marriage.

Police investigating case as Scott Morrison calls forced marriages an ‘assault on Australian values’
The 14-year-old girl and her uncle were held for questioning and prevented from leaving the country.
Police are investigating the case of a 14-year-old girl intercepted by authorities at Sydney airport destined for an arranged wedding in Lebanon.

Customs and federal police stopped the teenager and her uncle at the airport on Friday after they learned she was being taken overseas to be married.
Immigration minister Scott Morrison said forced marriages are an “assault on Australian values”.
“Where children are involved [arranged marriage] is an
abomination,” he said.
“I can confirm that an adult male and a female minor were prevented from boarding a flight at Sydney international airport. The prevention from boarding was not counter-
terror related.” The girl and her uncle were released after hours of
questioning but not allowed to leave the country, a spokeswoman for Morrison said.
Australian Federal Police said they were “making further inquiries” into the case and it was “not appropriate to
comment further”.
Authorities have been on high alert for cases of arranged marriages in the wake of an Islamic State (Isis) social media campaign to recruit young brides to wed terrorists.
There is no suggestion this incident was Isis-related.
The New South Wales minister for women, Pru Goward, told the ABC the interception sent a warning to any families considering forcing girls into underage marriages.
“Whether the arrangement in their mind is religious or cultural, the law of Australia says it’s illegal and they need
to accept and abide by that,” she said.
In 2013, the Australian government passed legal amendments making it a criminal offence to coerce, threaten or deceive someone into marriage. The crime is punishable by up to seven years in jail.
According to a recent Plan International Australia report,
child marriages are still affecting hundreds of Australians, with the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre identifying approximately 250 cases over the past two years.
“In Australia, reports of child and forced marriage have not been limited to any specific cultural, religious or ethnic group,” the report stated.
“Reported cases point to a pattern of Australian residents being taken overseas for marriage … and asylum seekers asking for protection in Australia on the basis of fear of
harm in the form of child or forced marriage. God please help your children ooo!


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