General Overseer Caught Pants Down With Wife Of A Military Man And Another Woman.
The General Overseer of Maximum Deliverance Church,Pastor John Simon was recently caught in the act of having intimate affairs with the wife of
a top military officer that worships in his Church.
When caught, Pastor John Simon did not only had the wife of the officer in his possession but was engaging in twosome sex act with two women.
Bubble burst recently when the top military brass who has been suspecting the amorous act between his wife and the randy Pastor laid a siege for him at their usual love nest.
He detailed some security agents to keep watch at the venue. True to type,on the day of the incident, they allowed the duo to fully get into the
act before bursting through the door and caught them red handed.
They were given the beating of their life and photographed as shown in this picture. The Pastor pleaded for the issue to be settled amicably Its yet to be known how the issue would be resolved . Chai! There is God ooo Pastor!
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