Sneaky Blessings
I love it when amazing and wonderful things
sneak up on you. Meeting my husband was like
that. We attended the same church for a few
years but he was nowhere on my radar of
potential mates. I thought he was attractive in
general but wasn’t particularly attracted to
him like that, mainly because I thought he was
too young for me, and I knew we were from
vastly different worlds. Then a series of
exchanges unfolded and “suddenly” here I am
almost ten years into a marriage to the man of
my dreams.
I have friendships that have developed
similarly. I wasn’t particularly looking for a new
friend, but I continued to engage with
someone over time and all of a sudden one day
I realize I have this amazing, tried-and-true
friend in my life. The funny thing about these
relationships is that, invariably, there are
opportunities along the way for me to get
offended and temptations to write the person
off permanently. But I know I have to resist
these urges to “quit people”. My pastor
regularly reminds us, “We don’t get offended,”
and “We don’t quit people, but we let them
quit us,”–and goes on to explain that even
when they quit us, we always leave the door
open for them to come back. This principle has
been invaluable in my life. At any given
moment, it’s so easy to look at things and say
this or that isn’t working, or nothing is
happening in my life–but if you resist the
temptation to make that judgment and just
stay diligent in what you know you are
supposed to do, MAJOR blessings will sneak up
on you. It has happened time and time again
in my life, and I’ve seen it happen for others,
too. If you’re in a rut or going through a rough
patch, don’t fret. Stick to doing what you know
you should do, and be open to great things
catching up to you as you move forward, one
step at a time. Sometimes a miracle can take
decades to unfold, but that doesn’t make it
any less miraculous when it’s complete.

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