The Caringheartfamilylifecare is a life choaching, training, relationship building, marriage counselling, life style, fashion and entertainment outfit created to shape our total being to fit into our families and bring joy to those around us. In Caringheart we understand that the Family is the smallest life shaping and educating unit of our society which has long been neglected as the first Institution of learning. So we are Federating the Family for World Peace. We are letting people know how their lifestyles affect their families. We are telling the world that Their Marriage is Their Ministry and that They are Ministers of Life in whatever they do. We are telling people to be role models in their relationships, marriages and families. And we believe we can change the world through our families. ” He who wants to change the world must first of all change himself” You can’t aspire to be a good leader when you have a very shattered and disjointed family background. Nooo! You can’t lead in business if you can’t lead your family. We are helping people with bad marriages to find a new hope. A hope that the challenges they face each day is not the end of its all. That there is a better way out. A better way of handling issues. A better way of living that brings Peace, Joy and Happiness in their homes. We are letting people know that divorce is a sin against God, a crime against the child and the society. It reduces the individuals involved in the society, it ulters their emotions and create inter-personal conflict. And we hope you join us in this race to make our families better. All efforts will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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