What is Beauty?

Is not the creator of the soul beautiful?
If so, why are people with souls not so beautiful. sometimes?
Is it this flesh that gets in the way, fighting to show us our ugliness?
Beauty is not seen as much as it is realized.
Beauty is not the eyes but how the eyes perceive. Beauty is not the mouth but how the lips are used. Beauty is not the hands but how the hands are guided; softly and gliding or harsh and punishing. Beauty is not speaking hard to weakness, but kindness that holds up the weak members.

Beauty is seeing through the roughness; Seeing through the pain;
Seeing through the sins; Seeing past our ugliness, (cause we all have it).
Beauty is not the piano but the music it makes. Beauty is the light we see in the darkness. Beauty is the hope in Heaven. Beauty is not any of us, lest we have our eyes washed with salvation, in order to see Beauty in others. Beauty is the inside of what creates it (God). Therefore to be beautiful is to have the heart and love of God in us and not be awashed in the emotions and absurdities of the world called “Best to fools”.