SEN. CHRIS ANYANWU And The ‘OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR’…..What Women bring to Leadership and Governance.

The lack of Women in governance is becoming more than a symbolic concern. And by that I mean; the lack of women in governance and leadership positions, especially in the capacity of serving as state governors in Nigeria and some other countries of the world. And this has made me to ask if governance is becoming a ‘Dance Of Power’. Is leadership an Act or Science?
The question has long been subject to debate. Which side you are in probably determines whether or not you believe leadership can be taught or acquired. But developing leaders like Sen. Chris Anyanwu who can respond to the challenges of today’s 24/7 business environment and governance issues it becomes an act of responsibilities bestowed by the scientific nature of leadership.

Nonetheless, It is clear that women are reshaping the landscape of the business of governance all over the world. Women are naturally wired to think, act, and innovate. Women more than men in governance have the ability to see what others don’t, do what others won’t and keep pushing their ideas and ideals even when prudence says quit.

These skills taken together mean that women are better than men at earning serendipity! Here’s the breakdown:

1. Women are Opportunity Experts
Women see opportunity in everything and everyone – their neighbors, friends, family, business associates, strategic partners, etc. Women have the ability to see opportunity and
give their ideas life and inspire others to do the same. Women, when given the opportunity to be themselves, are
natural leaders! I have seen time and again how women are much more
strategic, focused and keep their eye on the prize. They are not easily distracted and don’t get their egos in the way. That is why women just don’t see opportunity, they seize it. Look
at the list of the top women CEO’s world-wide. Impressive!

It is time we start paying attention to these women; women like Chris Anyanwu because they are reinventing the world’s economy and political landscape

2. Women are Networking Professionals Women are masters of navigation and putting their ideas to
the test is their gift. They do this through networking. They follow-up and make sure they sow their seeds of ideas in the most fertile networking ground. Additionally, their inherent
ability to be creative allows for the discovery of opportunities that most miss. The ROI of your business network is only valuable if those in it are willing to risk in your growth. These women unlike men, understand the business of governance and economic statistics more than men. Women stick together and protect one another (though many would equally say that women also fiercely compete against each
other too). At the initial stages of networking, women are
gracious and generous in their ability to give and open doors for one another. They want to feel as if they are making an impact, helping to make a difference in the lives of others.

3. Women Seek to be Relationship Specialists Women are specialists at cultivating relationships that are
purposeful, genuine and meaningful. They focus on growing healthy, long-lasting relationships. Women don’t quit. They thrive at creating and sustaining momentum for both
themselves and others.
Women are masters at facilitating connection points between
people, resources and relationships. This is why women are
such effective and efficient leaders. They don’t waste time and can quickly identify areas to consolidate, organize and strengthen business outcomes. In fact, some of the best project managers I know are women. Their attention to detail is uncanny and their ability to track, evaluate and manage
change is impressive. They aim to assure the betterment of a healthier whole.

4. Women are Natural Givers
Women seek to give to others but also to their communities. Why do you think most non-profits are run by women?
Women enjoy living their lives through a cause that serves the advancement and acceleration of societal needs. This is why in the workplace women are great at inspiring and lifting
those around them. This is why most women leaders are such
excellent long-term strategic thinkers. They are less inclined to rally behind a short-term strategy if a more sustainable approach can be executed.
Additionally, women are socially conscious leaders that serve
to cultivate innovation and initiative for both themselves and others. No wonder the fastest growing sector of small business owners in the world are women.
In the end, women are more naturally inclined. They are wired to survive and thrive in fast- changing times like these and can lead fast changing organizations that desire sustainable growth.

My fellow Imolites and Nigerians, if we allow these women to replicate these qualities as State governors in our State government houses, then the sky will be our stepping stone. Our roads will be better. Our educational policies, health policies, social welfare policies, housing policies, transportation policies, environmental policies, etc, will be far more better than what it is now. I am not saying that the men folks are not doing it. They have tried for years, yet not finding the solution and we have a better option. The days for the Dance of Power are over. Let’s embrace the 21st century women in leadership for solution mantra and we will be out of this mess.

Sarah Paulin has done it in Alaska, Martha Layne Collins has done it in Kentucky. Beverly Perdue did it in North Carolina. Maria Dalva de Sousa of Brazil did it in the Distrito Federal’. Sheila Diskshit has done it in India. Griseida Alvarez Ponce de leon did it in the State of Colina in Mexico. And…….

Our dear Sen. Chris N.D Anyanwu has done it, is doing it in Imo State and Can do more…Yes She Can!

Your vote and support will count come 2015. Vote wisely. Sen. Chris N.D Anyanwu is Imo’s Hope 2015 for Governor. This campaign is brought to you by:(AYFGLC) African Youth for Good Leadership Campaign. Its time you make a change.

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