Discovering the Truths of Your Existence

by John Wolfe


You will never find the ultimate truths, pertaining to your existence, in a church, mosque or synagogue. Nor will they ever be located between the pages of a book or in the prose of this blog, or any other. They cannot be gleaned from the speeches of our greatest orators, motivational gurus, religious leaders or philosophers. They’ll never be discovered in scientific experiments. And you won’t even find them amidst the multitude of hectic external experiences you encounter during the course of your life. Just as soon as you believe you have it all figured out, based strictly upon any of the preceding methods, you’ll realize (if you’re paying attention) that the answers have eluded you once again.

This is the essence of interacting in what appears to be an outwardly focused version of reality and it’s the price you pay for primarily depending upon the ever changing nature of the physical landscape. There’s only one location in which the coming and going of the tides never makes an impact, and that’s within you. While your inner-self benefits completely and expands exponentially from that which you are experientially living, its ultimate truth about who and what you are will never, ever change.

Physical locations, people, literature, the scientific method, and events may contain portions of truth (more precisely- portions of someone else’s truth), along with the potential for inspiring you to journey inward; finding the answers to the mysteries of your own life. However, none of them combined could ever unravel your specific personal truths. For these are unique to you and cannot be found through external searches.

While I still occasionally find myself overlaying my inner personal experiences, onto others I interact with, I try and keep the perspective that my words are only tiny sparks of light (hopefully). These sparks represent my own evolution discovered during internal excursions and the resulting physical experiences which have come forth after the fact; however they could never substitute for your own inner journeys. I cannot pretend to ever know the nature of your personal reality or better said- what’s stemming from the multi-layers of your individual portion of the unified consciousness.

Now, if we are interacting in one unified sea of consciousness, then how can I say there isn’t an ultimate truth which applies to us all? I say this for the same reason we can safely state that there is only one conscious source of awareness, yet we somehow perceive ourselves as being separate. If there’s anything I’ve learned about digging into our spiritual origins, it’s that everything seems paradoxical. The more layers we peel away of the onion, the more we realize there’s nothing (no-thing) residing at its core and everything residing at its core. They can exist simultaneously. The ultimate truth is: there is no truth, yet truth is all there is. It depends upon your methods for obtaining it and more precisely where you obtain it from.

You must be able to fully release your attachments of what you perceive as truth based on your interactions in this classical version of the world; removing the scales from your eyes, before you can begin to know what it is to encounter your own ultimate truth. The process commences as soon as you come to understand that all things in this external version of reality are constantly being influenced by the physical vehicles we are utilizing; this includes our physical bodies.

Everything is filtered through our five senses prior to becoming a thing, word, deed, etc. in this plane of existence. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s the way in which it’s intended to occur. This process is great as long as we don’t begin to confuse everyone else’s interpretation of the external universal reality with our internal personal truths. This external reality is only a symbolic representation of the deeper truths within each of us. But it is specific to our personal filters. To find the source of these symbols we must traverse the landscape of our own inner reality.

To perform this task, you need no one and no-thing. All that’s required is the same item you’ve carried with you for your entire life experience- your conscious awareness. It’s this understanding which has the potential to topple every religion, philosophy, self-help product, psychoanalysis session, and “ism” humankind has ever known. The reason this hasn’t caused the collapse of those institutions, to date, is because the majority of humankind insists its power exists external from its own inner nature. We continue to reinforce this belief system in the minds of each successive generation. Even if we do instill in our children the knowledge that they can be, do, or have anything, through our words, our actions rarely follow suit. We’re providing empty affirmations at best.

And what strikes an even more devastating blow is the fact many people aren’t even consciously aware they have a vast inner nature. They relinquished that knowledge long ago, trading it in for an opportunity to tune out.

Living in this manner would be similar to noticing a wet spot appearing on our kitchen wall and not doing anything about it. Day after day we continue to observe the spot growing larger until eventually accepting the idea that it must be natural for walls to secrete moisture. Instead of finding a way to get behind that wall and discover the source of the leak, we incorporate concepts and ideas that explain it away.


The senses convince us that we are maneuvering through a Universe of physical matter. Yet, the vibrating waves of energy we perceive as dense physical substances are actually collapsing into particles of matter because of our repetitive tendencies of observation. They pass through the many processing screens we have adopted based upon our past experiences, until taking on the shapes and forms we call our external life. We must get behind the wall of our life if we’re ever to discover the source for the “water” that’s leaking its way to the surface of our experience. How do we do this?

Our best option is to use the doors our inner-self has purposely provided for us. They’ve been there all along, but we have to consciously choose when and where we’ll step through. It may sound corny, but it’s a lot like Dorothy, in “The Wizard of Oz.” She always had the power, but never consciously acknowledged it.

She spent her entire experience in Oz looking for someone that she believed could deliver her from her perceived predicament, when ultimately she was her own savior. Upon understanding this, she journeyed within to find the way back to her truths. Corny or not, I believe some of Hollywood’s most successful films have resonated with the public because they struck a chord at a subconscious level. They too are using symbols to reveal the means, residing in each of us, for obtaining the ultimate truths about our existence. It’s quite possible the authors and screen writers never consciously recognized this as they were creating their masterpieces, then again, maybe they did.

The way we step through those doors is by utilizing many of the methods I’ve been discussing in my past posts: being present and aware, recognizing our power resides in the now, releasing and forgiving our past, understanding change is an inevitable part of the journey, reclaiming our power, striving for balance, working with our emotions, meditating, and achieving altered states of consciousness (I’ll include a link to the posts these methods can be found in, at the bottom of this entry).

While many of these techniques may sound like they address the external physical experiences, they actually provide a way for us to take a step back from the physical and see our interactions in a different light. They provide the means for us to process the information but not necessarily attach to it and identify with it in a way that convolutes our views. And by meditating and achieving altered states through our meditations, we can tune in to our ever consistent, stable self and obtain guidance and awareness about the true nature of who we are.

Even though I write frequently about spiritual empowerment, I have to admit I do not have the answers for explaining your personal nature. I do feel I provide some tools for helping you to obtain your own answers. I believe this same line of thought holds true for anything else we come across, whether it’s a book, person, religion, experience or whatever. These external things may be of great benefit in terms of providing tools, but they can never give you your own answers. It’s up to you to take that inner journey for yourself.

I’m not suggesting we ignore our external experiences, for that would defeat the purpose of why we initially made the choice to focus within this physical environment; we can’t simply deny our external reality. Instead, we must learn to see through the veil of the exterior by pulling back the curtain and traversing our inner nature. This is the only way we will ever know ourselves and discover our own truths.





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