The Institution of marriage

The Institution of marriage

>Marriage is a complicated issue;
there’s the religious influence, the societal expectations, the financial agreements, the legal aspects and the government involvement. Each
one of these areas has their own rules attached to the institution and they don’t always support each other.
The religious influence is as varied as there are religions but tend to dictate how a husband and wife should behave. These ideas had their
beginnings centuries ago and don’t tend to get altered. They can be archaic and out of touch with current societal beliefs and cause conflicts
when seen in that light. Of course cultural expectations are also incredibly varied as well
with a no one fits all molds.
As I’ve said before, marriage is also a financial contract that is probably more important than any other aspect of taking vows and is the cause
of more divorces than infidelity. Infidelity may be the excuse but the problems usually start with money issues. This is the most ignored and the most entitled un-discussed area of marriage that somehow gets tangled with love and feeling for each other inevitably shutting the discussion
So my summation is that no, I don’t think the institution of marriage as a social commitment device works anymore. People are very capable of
making choices for themselves. Choosing to have a strong commitment to another person doesn’t have to include any other institution. What do you think?

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