Family unity

Honestly, family unity today in this modern world has been under a threat. The quest for financial freedom from parents has always been a big issue in most modern homes. Self actualisation and self worth has taken the place of family unity. Parents no longer care much about the amount of quality time spent with the children. We pursue modernity and value the things of the world more than we value families issues and values. We think the children needs only the money to meet up with their ever demanding needs and we neglect their most pressing needs which is spending more time with their families in other inculcate spiritual values into them. The family unit truly is the mercy of the modern world.

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Mondays With Joe

Live from New YorkTopic: Is it getting more difficult for families to spend quality time together and if so, why? What are we losing in the process?

Call in to join conversation. (917) 932-8764 #family #faith #community #courage #unity #love #god #life #strength #empowerment #hope #freedom #health #healing #happiness

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